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small heart symbol To Whom It May Concern:

May 2, 2012. After Charles left detox and thirty days of rehab for addiction to oxycodone, Nano agreed to meet with us the day after Charles got home so we could reconnect or separate with a solid base of love for each other and ourselves. With sincerity and compassion, Nano guided us through an intense process never faltering in his belief that we could and would do the work if we chose to do it. He witnessed the love and horror after 29 years of living in truth and lies.

Happy Husband Nano

(photo by Pam Taylor)

He helped us sort through layers of honesty and falsehood; it took 3 days of back to back exercises that included love, hate, soul searching, sharing, and listening. Nano’s love and compassion for each of us never faltered as we chose to stay together. After those initial 3 days, he continued to meet with us and help as we reconnected in many new and creative ways. Not only did Nano not take “sides” in this process, I do not think he even saw “sides”; he just saw two different people. He encouraged us to speak and listen with love. When we were unsure of feelings, he helped us find them and pretty much didn’t even blink as he walked us through this. Nano’s assistance was crucial in helping us find a solid footing based in love for a new journey. We truly believe in Nano’s expertise, professionalism, and love as he honored our past, personal desires, and journey.

(Nano, we both agree with this.) Nina & Charles Jones., Sedona, AZ

small heart symbolOne to One Counseling Jan. 2013
I was extremely depressed when I came to Nano for help. He assisted me in identifying what I wanted and needed from my relationship with my husband. Attached is my list of desires that was only developed after I was willing to admit I had wants that were not only not being met but no one (even myself) even knew what they really were. My time with Nano helped me identify when I was not depressed and when I was and what that felt like. He helped me start to ask for what I want and honored that in a way that was new to me. I found courage and action to make my life better. He is very determined to trust the goodness within and encouraged me to honor that goodness by shining a light on it and he helped me take responsibility for doing what I could to shine that light brightly.

(The following list was made and incrementally delivered in response to her sessions. -Rev. Nano)

Trust my intuition to fulfill my potential for a happy joyful satisfying life
  1. Regular “Slow Sex” starting with the 10 day 45 minute per day exercise in the book. I want sexual intimacy in my life and this is a start. (oming)
  2. On-Going once a day (30 minute) talks. This does not include dinner conversation and the TV is off. The time should be agreed upon in advance. (Sharing about our lives and hopes and dreams.)
  3. Flowers from Safeway brought to me a couple times a month because I like it and you love me.
  4. Twice a month dates paid for and initiated by Glenn. (Evening or daytime activities.)
  5. If I have a nightmare or leg cramps, I’d like to be helped. I’d like to wake you if need be and be held for an extended period of time and if necessary I’d like you to get heated cloths to help me.
  6. I’d like to regularly dance to love songs or any other kind of song as long as I can be in your arms and there is music and we are in our home. (Several times per week for 10 or 15 min.)
  7. I’d like to be held and touched in an intimate way many times during each day. I’d like to have both of us initiate this daily.
  8. I’d like to be verbally appreciated several times during each day.
  9. Once in a while bring me coffee for my cup when I’m on the front porch doing my writing.
  10. Come to bed with me a minimum of 3 times a week by 10:00 P.M and get up after I’m asleep if needed. (Bath complete by 10:00 P.M. if possible with schedule.)
  11. Plan together movies and music we’d like to go to and hear. (Ideas initiated by both of us.)
  12. Once a year have a planned 14-day vacation with just the 2 of us not with family or friends.
  13. Every three months create a 2 or 3-day getaway planned together.
  14. In our daily talks we can add ideas and needs to our lists. These are not static lists. We can also use our talks for dreaming, planning, and sharing.
  15. Glenn, please create a list of how I can contribute to you having a happy joyful satisfying life and share it with me.
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