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In the early 1960’s I began practicing natural communicating and relating abilities as a bartender/manager, in San Francisco’s North Beach entertainment and drinking establishments. Often theatrical and intense interactions among my patrons required I seamlessly weave in and out of roles. One moment I would be the “server”. In another moment, the “listener/confessor”, the “diplomat”, the “parental figure” or the “bouncer.“ I mostly thought of it as a crash course in human psychology with mental and physical agility a prerequisite.

My career as a “Communication Facilitator” began in 1971, with Werner Erhard, before, during and after his creation of est. est was arguably, the world’s first and most successful mainstream, self-help program. My title, “Werner’s Communicator”, meant I was his personal secretary as well as the designer and implementer of an ever expanding system for maintaining clear and completed communications throughout his personal activities and the est organization.

After est, I designed and produced seminars under the title, YOU Unlimited (acronym for Your Own Universe), as well as individual and couples counseling. In that capacity I worked with groups as small as fourteen to well over a hundred.

As a private contractor for a major communications corporation, I delivered communication workshops, on behalf of management, to their disgruntled employees. This was a great challenge and learning time for me because it provided an authentic, hostile environment in which to demonstrate the very customer service skills I was hired to teach.

Daily studies in A Course In Miracles for over 15 years led to being ordained a Minister by the Community Miracles Center in San Francisco, and then to founding a church I called the Community Miracles Center of Marin, in Novato, California. ACIM is a non-denominational, non-traditional, Christian belief system. It’s purpose is to wake you up to Ever Present Love. After some years I realized my call to ministry was taking another form that excluded structure or structures. To this day the Course teachings are integrated in my mind and life. I share its teachings by living them to the best of my ability.

My most important work experience however, was the seven years spent devoted to the Developmentally Disabled population. In that period, I worked intimately with some of the most violent “DD” clients outside a padded cell, as well as some of the most gentle, folks on the planet. They each in their individual ways brought me and taught me to love. It was in their company I learned, communication without sincerity, compassion and integrity, limits our lives to the mundane. I won’t ever settle for the mundane again, and so it is that I come to you, offering my assistance in your breathing new life in your experience of self and others. Please accept my invitation to genuinely Live the Love in your Relationships now.

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Rev. Nano Nathan

Rev. Nano Nathan
(photo by Pam Taylor)